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Creating your first website with WordPress

Step 1. Choose your hosting, we recommend GoDaddy. $60/year
Step 2. Buy your domain – an easy to say (over the phone), easy to remember .com is key. You don’t need to buy all the other add-ons they try to sell you. Just domain, hosting and email if you wish (email forwarding is fine). $12-$25/year
Step 3. Choose your theme from ThemeForest (or WordPress.org has plenty for free, as well). $45-60
Step 4. Auto-install WordPress.org files & database using the GoDaddy hosting control panel.
-> you can also setup your own database and wordpress.org files using FTP. Free
Step 5. Upgrade wordpress version as needed. Backup and save once content is online. Free
Step 6. Install your theme once the basic site structure and main menus are setup. Backup and save using the wordpress control panel (yoursite.com/wp-admin) -> tools -> export feature.
Step 7. Install plugins (we recommend All-in-One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert & LoginRadius for social connectivity). Free
Step 8. Setup plugins using basic SEO principles, save your keywords for future reference as tags inside wordpress. Tag & bold each page’s relevant keywords from the list. 1-3 key terms per page.

Review your website for bugs, errors, etc. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools (or Godaddy should have this available in your control panel). Put in the GA code into your all-in-one SEO plugin settings. Monitor your website once a month at first, then when you hit #1 in Google, every few months, is fine!

Content is king. Be sure to connect your facebook to twitter, and post your blogs to Facebook. Link everything automatically so when you create new content, it’s seamless. Actively posting unique, relevant content 3-5 times per week is great.

Obtain the “WOW!” without the headache. | Online Presence Made Easy

You might be wondering what landed you to this page, and we are glad you asked. You’re here for one of three reasons and that is because you may need a bit more time, money or energy into your project – and we can help.

You’ll learn to utilize K.I.S.S. system development, mobile business freedom, and 80/20 principles to give yourself the edge. It’s no longer a game of competition, it’s now a game of staying ahead (and staying sane).

Ever heard the saying, “obtaining information from the web is like taking a sip from a fire hydrant?” Well, we’ve created roadmaps to ensure success, resources and tips to save you the time and energy, including connections and campaigns to fund your cash flow and promote success.

Your website is dead without converting clicks to conversions.

Your presence is inactive if you aren’t in the top 3 positions of google (77% of the clicks go to these 3 kings).

You are not having fun if your technology doesn’t work. We guarantee 99.95% uptime.

Surround yourself with the best, we’ll do the same. Let’s have coffee over skype or in Colorado and discuss your needs, but most of all, be sure we are a good fit for each other!

Cheers to your success!

Brian Kelly

Founder, B Sharp


Located in Boulder, B Sharp offers comprehensive cloud business solutions courses and services for business owners and professionals. We cover modules and one-on-one training in popular marketing topics such as Google Apps, WordPress, SEO, social media, niche marketing and other internet marketing services.

How to Boost Your Business With Pinterest

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